The MINDA Range of products, designed by Chapman Associates and manufactured by K-Tech, is a range of subminiature transmitters and receivers allowing the user to signal to a colleague in complete secrecy. MINDA can be used for covert surveillance, personal security, corporate negotiation and many other purposes.

AND.... MINDA is now distributed in the USA by Tactical Technologies. US visitors should go to their site for local pricing and availability.

NEW!! Narrow band range now available for four times the range from the same physical sized product.

A simple concept
The concept behind MINDA is very simple - just press a button on a transmitter to send a signal to the receiver. On the receiver an LED lights up to indicate a signal has been received. Depending on local conditions and equipment used, the transmission range can be from 100m up to 6km.

Small and discrete
The transmitters can be very small indeed - the standard one is no bigger than a key-fob. The receivers are also small and convenient. Each will receive independent transmissions from up to four transmitters and are available both in pocket and desk-top/vehicle mounted versions (which offer extra facilities).

Undetectable transmission
The MINDA transmitters only use UHF radio frequencies for a fraction of a second to transmit relevant information. This makes them virtually undetectable by a radio scanner.

A complete system
The Minda family consists of a range of transmitters of various types and powers including light activated versions. A corresponding range of receivers and other units is also available including power boosters and antennas for flexibility of applications

Fully compliant
The MINDA family complies with all relevant licensing conditions both in the UK and abroad. This includes: UK Licence Exempt (compliant with MPT1340) and compliance with the protection requirements of Council Directive 89/336/EEC relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility in the EU. The low-power range is also FCC Approved in the USA.

For further technical information on any and all of the Minda products, CLICK HERE

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